Ombre Pinecone

I’ve been a little busy.. Here is a pretty fall craft from WhimZeeCal! I wish I had pine cones in my yard, but you can always buy some at a craft store such as Michael’s.

Here are the instructions..


– A pinecone
– Acrylic paint in three or four different shade of the same color
– Angled paint brush
– An old toothbrush

1. Take your toothbrush and clean off any dirt or bugs (recommend doing this step outdoor).
2. Take your paint brush and apply the first shade on to 1/4 of the pinecone (recommend starting with the darkest shade at the bottom of the pinecone and working your way up).
3. Continue painting the next shade to the next 1/4 of the pinecone.
4. Repeat step 3 with the rest of the shades until you reach the top. – See more at:

A great craft! So cute ❤
Happy crafting,