I’m back + No dye Easter eggs

Hey y’all! It’s been a really long while i know. I can finally use my fixed laptop 😀 anyway, it’s almost Easter, so i thought to share this craft from Country Living!

I love the simple look xD Later this week I’m gonna find a craft to do before I get a pack of mason jars yay

Happy craftin’



Glitter Dipped Deer Silhouette

Hey everybody, I am trying to post on my tablet right now, ( its a nook hd, yeah I know, I know I really just use it for pinterest and netflix lol) which has a really hard to use keyboard so there might be typos xD

Ok so I love deer. Reindeer(or should I say caribou) too. I mean I like their silhouettes on tees, hats, decor, anything, haha. So I decided to show this easy and creative deer decor.

So, without any further adieu, the craft:


Hope y’all like it!


Wood Branch Candle Holder

Hey everybody! How was your Thanksgiving? Here is a great DIY fall decor idea, from Infarrantly Creative. I love the rustic-ness in these candle holders!

And for the next month (I’m not sure how long) we won’t be having a computer so I probably won’t be posting anything for a while, unless I use my iPod but Safari always crashes when I try there 😡 … but I’ll definitely try.

The craft:

Tree Limb Candle Holder

The instructions are on the site!

Happy craftin,


Leaf Mason Jar Candle holder

Wow, you can probably tell I like these mason jars. This candle holder is awesome and so pretty! It would make a great table centerpiece for Thanksgiving I think.



And I dunno bout you, but I feel a little unprepared for Thanksgiving (even though I obviously don’t need to like prepare my house for guests or anything I’m a kid xD) #unprepared ha.

Well, happy craftin’!


Ombre Pinecone

I’ve been a little busy.. Here is a pretty fall craft from WhimZeeCal! I wish I had pine cones in my yard, but you can always buy some at a craft store such as Michael’s.

Here are the instructions..


– A pinecone
– Acrylic paint in three or four different shade of the same color
– Angled paint brush
– An old toothbrush

1. Take your toothbrush and clean off any dirt or bugs (recommend doing this step outdoor).
2. Take your paint brush and apply the first shade on to 1/4 of the pinecone (recommend starting with the darkest shade at the bottom of the pinecone and working your way up).
3. Continue painting the next shade to the next 1/4 of the pinecone.
4. Repeat step 3 with the rest of the shades until you reach the top. – See more at: http://www.whimzeecal.com/2013/09/diy-friday-ombre-pinecone-tutorial.html#sthash.fCVon7DX.dpuf

A great craft! So cute ❤
Happy crafting,

My top ten mason jar crafts

Hi everyone, I felt like sharing with you guys my top ten favorite mason jar crafts!

Right now I am figuring out some alternatives to white face paint, haha yep it’s last minute for looking for Halloween costumes but here I am, torn between a fox or Mario, but I’m looking at a makeup tutorial for a fox.. and I don’t have white face paint, that’s why I’m looking for alternatives! Anyway, here are my top ten faves.

1. Fairy lights mason jar

Namanu Reunion 2014: Fairy LightsThese are so pretty! Find the directions on how to do it here.

2. Gold dipped mason jar

DIY Gold Dipped Mason Jars | Vicky Barone

These are also pretty.. find how to do it here!

3. Painted mason jar make up brush holder

This could hold anything you choose–pencils, paintbrushes, etc.. tutorial on it here.

4. Epsom salt snow mason jar candles

Nice! Find the instructions.

5. Bottle brush tree in jar

I totally love this! Can’t wait to make this for Christmastime. It’s so cute ❤ I found it on Decor and the Dog. 

6. Snowflake mason jar

DIY mason jar festive snowflake candle holders

Another great candle holder! I found it on Pinterest.

7. Crochet mason jar holder

This is really cute– find it here!

8. How to tint mason jars


Find how to here.

9. Mercury glass mason jars

DIY Mercury Glass Mason Jars at anightowlblog.com | #mercuryglass #masonjars

Found this on Pinterest.

10. And last but not least, a cozy snowman mason jar

ADORABLE! Cozy Snowman Mason Jars. I bet I can find tons of ways to use these...

Wow, there are a lot of seasonal mason jar crafts. This one’s cuuute 😀 I found this on Pinterest.

Hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do! Have fun craftin’. And sorry for not posting ANYTHING I have been super busy.