Some teen bedroom ideas

Heyy everybody! I love decorating my room, which btw is shared with my sister (ugh), so I scroll thru these things a lot. I just had to share these awesome bedroom ideas. I’m still in the process of redecorating and I can’t decide on exactly how I want my room to look. I love “rustic” kinda styled bedrooms, they’re some of my faves xD you’ll see what I mean, so here they are!

Paramount Rustic Burton Bedroom

Paramount Rustic Burton Bedroom | PBteen


Oxford Fur Bedroom


Chatham Chevron Bedroom


Maison Zebra Bedroom


Amanda Black + White Bedroom


Chatham Suite Geo Bedroom


Rufflicious Damask Chic Bedroom


Emerson Fur Bedroom


Paisley Pop Bedroom


Hampton Rockin’ Paisley Bedroom


Hampton Kennedy Paisley Bedroom


Amanda Florette Bedroom


That’s all for now! They’re awesome, am I right? I like to use em(and many other bedroom ideas I’ve seen on the web, or on magazines) for redecorating my room. Of course, I would have to have my sister agree with whatever I’m doing, but she doesn’t have much preferences lol just things she wouldn’t want in the room, she’ll want it out 😛

Till next time,



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