Tomorrow’s Halloween…

Wow, tomorrow’s already Halloween and I still don’t have my costume put together. I always end up waiting last minute before I make some costume(except last year, my grandma made my costume, my sister is going to be that this year). Ok, well I was planning for my costume, which btw is a FOX(yes I chose that over Mario), to be:


White tee shirt (with something really warm, but not too chunky, under it)

Any orangish brown sweater (I’m aiming for that color instead of orange, maybe even brown)

Felt ears w/ headband– using black felt, orangish brown felt, and white felt

Black nail polish OR black gloves

Fox makeup

Combat boots ( I have brown ones)

Fox tail (I’m just pinning a brown tail of fabric on my jeans xD)

And that’s my overall costume, if I find anything else in my house I’ll see what I can do with it! Of course I’ll find a way to keep warmer with this, it’ll be freezing. And, here’s the AWESOME fox makeup tutorial I’ll be using on Wonder Forest, I’m not even kidding finding this is the main reason why I’m even being a fox! And haha I apologize for my costume being a little ridiculous 😛 You know, I think I’m being kind of a brown fox.

What are you being for Halloween?



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